SASKTRAN-DO is an extension module for the SASKTRAN radiative transfer model which contains a Discrete-Ordinates model. SASKTRAN-DO can be used in multiple ways, the first is as an addon to the main SASKTRAN package ( where the geometry and atmosphere are configured identically and only the radiative transfer engine changes. This is the easiest way to use the model and is suitable for most applications, to get a sense for what this looks like we would recommend starting with the quickstart guide, and then go straight into looking at some examples.

SASKTRAN-DO can also be used as a pure “scattering code” where layer optical properties such as layer optical depth, layer single scattering albedo, and layer legendre coefficients are directly specified by the user. Generally this option is only recommended for advanced users working on specialized applications. Some convenience methods are implemented to aid in generation of these layer optical properties, but this is still an area of active development.


SASKTRAN-DO is made available under the MIT license restricted for academic and educational use, for commercial use please contact the package authors. Commerical level support may also be available for specific applications. We request that users of the model contact the authors before publishing results using SASKTRAN, and that the following publications are acknowledged:

Zawada, D. J., Dueck, S. R., Rieger, L. A., Bourassa, A. E., Lloyd, N. D., and Degenstein, D. A.: High-resolution and Monte Carlo additions to the SASKTRAN radiative transfer model, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8, 2609-2623,, 2015.

Bourassa, A. E., Degenstein, D. A., and Llewellyn, E. J.: SASKTRAN: A Spherical Geometry Radiative Transfer Code for Efficient Estimation of Limb Scattered Sunlight, J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Trans, Volume 109, Issue 1, 52-73,, 2008.


Inquiries and bug reports can be sent to Daniel Zawada (


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