Sasktran Software Packages

Sasktran is the radiative transfer software developed by the USASK-ARG group for modelling atmospheric signals. It was originally developed for limb measurements by the OSIRIS but has been significantly extended and includes support for nadir, near infra-red and thermal observations.

Cross-sections for a selection of common atmospheric components (e.g. O3, NO2) are built-in as well as full support for HITRAN cross-sections. Users may add there own cross-sections as tables in wavelength indexed by temperature.

The MSIS90 atmospheric model is built-in as a general purpose atmosphere and we have additional software components to access the atmospheric parameters of various re-analyses. The SAO2010 model of solar irradiance is built into the system as well as a selection of solar irradiance curves published by Fontela.

The software is as pre-built binary packages for Python, version 3.6 and higher on 64 bit platforms (Windows and most Linux).

sasktranHigh level API interface to Sasktran . Suitable for UV-VIS-NIR. Limb and Nadir
skdoas Sasktran implementation of DOAS
sasktran_tirThe Sasktran thermal infra-red model
sasktran_gcmSasktran API Interfaces to a selection of general circulation models. Currently supports GEM-MACH and GEOS-CHEM
sasktranifA low level interface to Sasktran

SK Suite for Instrument Modelling and Retrieval

The USASK-ARG group has developed a series of python packages for instrument modelling and retrieval which are loosely referred to as the SK software suite

sktimeUtilities to manage time values
skconfigUtilities for yaml configuration files
skplatformPlatform API used in retrieval and simulation studies
skimpyInstrument modelling API
skretrievalLevel 2 Retrieval API
skcomponentsOptical and processing tools for use with skretrievals

OSIRIS Software

OSIRIS Level 1 Services in Python Python Level 1 services
OSIRIS Level 1 Services C/C++ C++ Level 1 services
OSIRIS Publications Git repository for publications.
OSIRIS Publications Secondary list on ResearchGate
OSIRIS FirmwareGit repository for firmware
OSIRIS DHS Utilities Git repository for Data Handling System
OSIRIS DHS Level 0Git repository for Level 0 DHS.
OSIRIS diagnostic tools Git repository for OSIRIS Matlab tools
OSIRIS FiguresUseful OSIRIS figures


LOTUS_regression Lotus group proxy regression code
PratmoPrather NO2 chemical model. Models diurnal variations
SHOWthe API for the SHOW instrument
LIFE Level 0 The LIFE instrument Level 0 API
ALI-ACCPACCP modelling and simulation software for the Aerosol Limb Imager