The LIFE instrument is a Michelson interferometer manufactured by ABB in Quebec City, Canada that will fly on a high altitude balloon in 2019. The ARG group at the University of Saskatchewan is building the electronics box  to capture and record the signals generated by the instrument .

ARG has the following GIT repositories for the LIFE instrument :

2018-04-06 LIFE instrument is delivered to USask.

  • ABB Interface control documentation are in \\UTLS\ARGlab\Instruments\LIFE\Documents\ABB_LIFE_Preship_docs
  • Life Firmware is in git repository This includes the Kicad drawings for the Uniform Time Sampling Board

2018-04-18 LIFE Uniform Time Sampling Board constructed

First draft of the Life Uniform Time Sampling Board  (UTSB)  is constructed. This board will capture the transition signals from the LIFE instrument and present them to the LIFE E-BOX digital acquisition card RTD DM7820HR. Nick’s first surface mount project!!

The board has been tested with external pulse generator signals and showed correct behavior.