Sasktran on WestGrid

Cedar cluster

Cedar is a heterogenous cluster, having 640 `skylake` nodes (192 GiB of memory, 24 cores/socket, 2 sockets/node), 752 `broadwell` nodes (minimum 128 GiB of memory, 16 cores/socket, 2 sockets/node), and 584 GPU devices.

    Group members can run their simulation on Cedar instead of own desktop, to have:

  • simulations completed sooner thanks to parallelization;
  • multiple simulations running at the same time;
  • desktop free for other tasks.

The instruction on how to get access to Cedar is available here.
The instruction to set up and test the environment for sasktran is available here.

Scheduler package for Cedar

    CedarScheduler is a python helper package for Cedar, developed in order to:

  • simplify the procedure of submitting multiple similar jobs;
  • speed up simulation.

The package, documentation and usage examples are located at arggit.

Installation and Usage

CedarScheduler package must be installed under your python environment on Cedar.
The steering file c_scheduler_config.yaml must be copied to home directory on Cedar.
Each job must be submitted in separate directory.

The examples of job setup are given in job_example folder:

 Web Interface

A Web-Interface allowing to view Cedar statistics, submit new and monitor pending jobs is  located at arggit.