These are the cross-sections used in the OSIRIS level 2 analysis for Saskmart V5.07. This table is based upon the cross-sections of Bogumil Orphal and Burrows and has been reduced to the nominal resolution of the OSIRIS instrument (approx. 1.0 nm). The cross-sections range from 270nm to 820 nm in 0.1 nm steps.


optprop = ISKOpticalProperty('O3_OSIRISRES')
msis = ISKClimatology('MSIS90');
mjd = 52393.3792987115;
location = [0.0, 0.0, 25000.0, mjd];
optprop.SetAtmosphericState( msis)
[ok, abs, ext,sca] = optprop.CalculateCrossSections( 1.0E7/600.0, location );