• Fixed support for older pyyaml versions due to a regression in 1.1.1


  • Fixed a bug where the polarization basis returned back by both MC and HR engines were not correct

  • Fixed a deprecation warning in pyyaml 5.1

  • Fixed a deprecation warning in numpy 1.16


  • Added BaumIceCrystal optical property and SpeciesBaumIceCloud species

  • Fix a bug where output_format=’xarray’ was not working correctly when engine.wavelengths was a scalar

  • Added A Band emission model


  • Added refraction option to HR

  • SolarSpectrum class can now convolve to lower resolution

  • Update required SASKTRANIF version to 4.3.1

  • Added SimpleRayleigh optical property for use in comparisons with other models

  • Added a function to OpticalProperty to output the phase matrix

  • Added an interface for polarization within HR

  • Package is now supported and tested on Python 3.7


  • Added examples showing how to obtain diagnostic information from SASKTRAN-HR

  • Added support for basic thermal emissions

  • Improved the xarray output radiance structure when weighting functions are calculated

  • Updated required SASKTRANIF to version 4.2.6, SKTRAN_Disco to 0.1.12


  • Fixed a bug with the GloSSAC species not working correctly with SASKTRAN

  • Updated SASKTRANIF to version 4.2.5