Installing SASKTRAN

SASKTRAN is a pythonic wrapper for ARG’s radiative transfer engines which are written in C++. Installing SASKTRAN is as simple as:

pip install sasktran -f

This will install this package as well as the C++ code for SASKTRAN HR and SASKTRAN DISCO.

Windows Users

Users on windows will need to go through a few extra steps, install both the SASKTRAN Core Components and the VS2015 Redistributables. This should be done before trying to run the model for the first time. After installing these packages it might be necessary to restart your machine.


SASKTRAN is made available under the MIT license restricted for academic and educational use, for commercial use please contact the package authors. We request that users of the model contact the authors before publishing results using SASKTRAN, and that the following publications are acknowledged:

Zawada, D. J., Dueck, S. R., Rieger, L. A., Bourassa, A. E., Lloyd, N. D., and Degenstein, D. A.: High-resolution and Monte Carlo additions to the SASKTRAN radiative transfer model, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8, 2609-2623,, 2015.

Bourassa, A. E., Degenstein, D. A., and Llewellyn, E. J.: SASKTRAN: A Spherical Geometry Radiative Transfer Code for Efficient Estimation of Limb Scattered Sunlight, J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Trans, Volume 109, Issue 1, 52-73,, 2008.