A climatology that provides the Odin-OSIRIS V.00 aerosol mode radius. The climatology works for all latitudes and longitudes although the interpolation is assumed to be coincident with regions actively probed by OSIRIS measurements, i.e. the sunlit hemispheres.

The climatology actually consists of two climatologies

  1. one from the ascending node measurements
  2. one from the descending mode measurements.

The difference between the two climatologies results from systematic errors in the aerosol particle size properties (and other parameters) used in the retrieval.

Users must actively select which database they wish to use before calling ISKClimatology::UpdateCache() or ISKClimatology::GetParameter() by setting property SetIsAscendingNode by calling ISKClimatology::SetProperty():

mjd = 52393.3792987115;
climate = ISKClimatology('OSIRISL2_AEROSOLMODERADIUS_V600')
climate.SetPropertyScalar('SetIsAscendingNode', 1)
climate.UpdateCache( [0,0,0,mjd])
[ok, value] = climate.GetParameter( 'SKCLIMATOLOGY_LOGNORMAL_MODERADIUS_MICRONS', [0.0, 0.0, 25000, mjd]);
[ok, value] = climate.GetParameter( 'SKCLIMATOLOGY_LOGNORMAL_MODEWIDTH', [0.0, 0.0, 25000, mjd]);

Supported Species


This climatology will only work if your local system has access to the Odin-OSIRIS version 6.00 aerosol retrieval products.



Instructs the object to perform interpolation of the logs of the data on the height-grid. The default value is NaN and must be set for proper use.

n Setting
0 Use the descending node database
1 Use the ascending node database .