A climatology class that allows users to define their own height profiles of scalar parameters. The class is very similar in functionality to climatology USERDEFINED_PROFILE but wraps an older C++ implementation that was used for the OSIRIS MART retrievals. This class provides a useful property for reading height profiles from two column text files.

This climatology only provides linear interpolation in altitude. We recommend that users only use this class for backward compatibility. New uses should employ the USERDEFINED_PROFILE class.


Climatology_Handle ( handle: str )

Sets the Climatology Handle that will be used for the profile loaded in the in the next call to property FromTextFile. The current implemenattion requires that the user use a climatology_handle that is already defined within the Sasktran framework. Future versions may ease this restriction.

FromTextFile( filename: str )

Loads a height profile from the given file. It is assumed that the file is organized as a two column array of numbers. The first column is height above sea level in meters. The second column is the height profile of the given species. The species is defined by the last call to Property ‘Climatology_Handle’.


Sets the height grid that will be used in subsequent calls to SetPropertyUserDefined(). The heights must be in ascending order and specify the height of the grid point above sea level in meters. The default is an empty array.