Number Density

Ozone and nitrogen profiles are given in units of mol/m3. To convert them to number density profiles with units of molecules per cm-3, multiply by 6.02214076e+17.

import os
import xarray as xr
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# load data and set time as the dimension
v7_folder = r'path\to\v7_data'
data = xr.open_mfdataset(os.path.join(v7_folder, '*.nc'))
data = data.swap_dims({'profile_id': 'time'})

avogadro_factor = o3.ozone_concentration.multiplication_factor_to_convert_to_molecules_percm3
data['ozone_number_density'] = data['ozone_concentration'] * avogadro_factor
data.ozone_number_density.where((data.latitude < 10) & (data.latitude > -10))\
                         .plot.contourf(x='time', figsize=[9, 4])