SasktranIF, 4.x.x 2019-09-19

The SasktranIF (Sasktran Interface) API is part of the Sasktran suite of software for performing high precision scientific radiative calculations within the Earth’s atmosphere and is primarily aimed at the atmospheric community.


SasktranIF is a middle layer of software which binds the Sasktran python interfaces to C++ code. Most Sasktran users do not use this layer directly but interact with it via the Sasktran package. It provides standardized C++ interfaces which permit the independent development and distribution of Sasktran extensions as separate python packages.


SasktranIF defines a small set of C++ interfaces and functions that are both Python and C++ friendly and can be implemented at a binary level. The C++ developers write small wrapper objects for their internal C++ Sasktran objects so they can be passed to Python users via the SasktranIF interface. The C++ developer can embed as many Sasktran objects as they wish within a given extension, each object is provided by the developer with a unique name and a small set of standard factory functions within the extension are used to create specific instances.


The code was originally developed by the ARG group in the Dept. of Physics and Engineering Physics at the University of Saskatchewan in the first decade of the millenium as the forward model for limb retrievals of ozone, aerosols and NO2 from measurements collected by the Odin-OSIRIS UV-VIS instrument on-board the Odin spacecraft. It is currently available for 64 bit editions of Python3 on both Linux (manylinux) and Windows.

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